“Everything is energy and this is all that exists. Tuned to the frequency of the reality you want and you can not do less to obtain that reality. There is no other way. This is not a philosophy, this is Physics.”

Albert Einstein

The memories of my childhood are few and pass between the death of my mother, the orphanage and abuses suffered.

I do not have many happy memories but I remember very well that I always felt different from other children, not only because I was an orphan and other children had mum and dad but because I felt and I saw what was invisible or imperceptible to others.

I was adopted at the age of 11 years.

The fear of my adoptive parents not to be accepted and loved at social level began to pour upon me and so again I felt rejected and not accepted for what it was.

I closed more and more along the years and moved away from my true essence, which seemed to be so wrong, only because I wanted to be loved.

Then came the adolescence and that part of me that cried and wanted to be loved as it was, has found an outlet in rebellion (ah how much i liked to do the opposite of what I was told just to shout in the silence that I did not accept charges of my being) but i was not strong enough to shout my truth because at that point I was so confused that i did not know any more even what I wanted to be or who I could be.

At the age of 15 years I tried to commit suicide but not went to good and I found myself living as a dead that strange thing called life and continue to pretend nothing was wrong.

At the age of 19 I left my parents’ home to live by myself and to be free to be what I wanted to be but inside I lived a void and a great need to be loved that created only confusion within me; the only thing that I was sure of was that inside I had a love so great as to give but I did not know what to do with it because it seemed was constantly rejected and so the only thing that I knew how to do was refused and again I lived the refusal within me.

I have spent years between party and drugs in search of something that filled that void and that sense of rejection and abandonment that I lived inside me but in reality I was just escaping from myself.

Apparently I had everything and I was happy to share my life with my girls but something keep on missing in my life and every day a piece of me was dying….

I moved to USA to chase the dream of being loved and have finally a family for me and to start again but I found myself segregated at home between violent walls and again, not loved.

I felt so alone and not loved and I wondered every day what I had done wrong for not deserving love but I never get my answers and so I did as I had always done, I pretended nothing was wrong and I put a great smile on my face because I did not want to be a burden to others but I wanted to bring joy and give love, so I decided to give people what they lacked to me as I have always done since my childhood when I used to take care of my mother.

What was really happening was that on the one hand I was dying inside and on the other hand I was away from the love for myself.

Then at the age of 32 years I got married hoping once again to find love, but I found myself again in the circuit of the rejection, violence and loneliness and pregnant I got separated living pregnancy in complete solitude and again I have resumed with a smile telling me that I was a warrior and that I stood away every time without me to knock down from nothing and nobody.

The years passed in this way, living a seemingly normal life.

At 37 years I met my first boyfriend and I lived again after 20 years that pure and sweet love that only he could give me but then after few months with no explanation and no reasons (as well as other men of my life in the past) departed and I was admitted to the hospital for a serious nephritis kidney and in the surgery room my heart stops for few minutes.

From that moment my life changed….

At that time I had already started to read books of quantum physics and I had understood within me that everything is energy but I lacked a piece, then I read “conversations with God” by Neal Donald Walsh and finally found someone who had found the courage to write everything that I have been feeling since a child. That day I was kindled a light in the heart and I cried, cried, cried…. So i decided in 2015 to begin a spiritual path and finally I began to understand why I felt so empty, so missing and I started with passion and determination to work on me to heal my wounds parts.

In December 2015 I met during a shamanic circle those who have become then my Masters and there, once again, my life had an important turning point.

As I healed wounds deeper and deeper, abilities that had been forgotten and hidden inside me for a long time and new ones start to come up.

So I started to connect to my karmic memories linked to shamanic abilities, I began to see people’s past lives, to channel messages from beings of light and be guided and do channeled treatments on people.

Everything that I have learned and I am learning during my path is that, basically, we are only looking for ourselves, we are discovering each day in our every wonderful facet and that, in the end the spiritual path leads only and exclusively to the Love for ourselves which expands to all the people we encounter in our journey because, basically, the only thing we need and that we seek is to be loved.

My spiritual path has started with a Life Coaching School to become life coach of the heart, from there I started to make paths with Peruvian shamans, medium of Venezuela, the school of holistic operator of sound with Giovanni Casanova and a path with Soul Resources with Fabiana Vagelli and Paul Stefan Jureschi of enlargement of awareness and with them I entered the world of shamanism and, as a result of a vision, I made trips in Perù into the Amazon forest with local shamans to learn their knowledge.

During those trips I stood alone in the forest and the Master plants gave me great informations and lessons increasing in me the gift of connection to the karmic shamanic memories, the angelic memories and awakening the gift of clairsentience, claircognizant, of sacred language up to expand all forms of clairs.

My journey is still in being and will be for the whole life but I chose strongly to put myself at the service of myself and the other people in order to bring healing and love wherever it is needed.

I let the Love flow and act through me because there is no other truth but Love that creates everything.

Alessia Ventura

The treatments are entirely channeled and I would like to specify that as channel, I simply help people to enter into the state of Self-Healing because we don’t let go anything that we are not ready to let go and don’t heal nothing that we are not ready to heal. As Jesus said: “Your faith has saved you” because within us we have the divine source and we are impreganted up to DNA of it and then we are infinite Love and this, as taught also the Master, heals everything.

  • TREATMENTS AND SHAMANIC RITUALS OF ENERGETIC HEALING: cleaning treatments, rebalancing, harmonisation and energy regeneration of the subtle bodies and the chakras. The cleanliness of the energy field is carried out by the shaman for free from harmful energies that have been created by thoughts, words, feelings and emotions of the person or people who are near and finally by emotional or karmic blockages, dissolution of votes linked to this or other lives and liberation from evil or negative entity. The energy treatment brings balance where there is an imbalance and leads then to realign our parts to free ourselves from the unconscious blocks that hinder our wellbeing.

  • CHANNELING: The channelling is a form of contact with the field universal informational inside and outside us used since ancient times by the seers, mystics, psychic and oracles. Channeling means becoming instruments receivers; it allows to establish a connection bridge with the invisible worlds and then to communicate with a spiritual guide, an entity disembodied, angels or more simply with your Higher Self, to receive informations, intuitions, images or sounds. The person, called a “channel” brings so messages that are for the supreme good of the person that receives them.

  • PONG YOUP: The Pong Youp is a wonderful breathing technique created by Thai Monk Charn Chano who healed thousands of people. The Pong Youp is a method of conscious breathing for healing the emotional pain, from the traumas of our past and for the dissolution of karmic bonds. The Pong Youp allows you to release the emotional traumas blocked and that were repressed, so they can no longer influence you from an unconscious level of your consciousness.

  • HEALING OF THE INNER CHILD: The inner child represents  our most  vulnerable, sentient and sensitive part that coexists within us. As long as the inner child is wounded, our  emotions are out of balance and we will continue to attract the same dynamics as long as we do not give attention and love to this part of us. Most of our ills of any type finds its roots in the inner child. For the inner child time does not exist then what was in the past continues to exist. This treatment consists in the techniques of emotional contact with the inner child to know him/her, understand him/her, love him/her and lead him/her to a final healing.

  • CHANNELED COACHING: coaching is a methodology of knowledge of Self that allows to see limiting beliefs, memories and programming that does not allow you to live the life in your full power. The coaching gives you the practical tools to transform everyday your energy frequencies and live in connection to the heart and in your full personal power.

  • HARMONISATION VOICE SOUND AND/OR WITH TIBETAN BELLS: The Sound produces an harmonic wave that creates a resonance frequency which is going to affect the system physiological neuro of man. These sounds are perceived by a listener but also included by the cells themselves that communicate with the other through resonance phenomena and bring balance up to reprogram the distorted frequencies in our energy, emotional, mental and physical field. Harmonisation can also be used to synchronize the cerebral hemispheres bringing the individual to develop a therapeutic listening. Sounds are entirely channeled.

  • CHANNELED MEDITATIONS: meditation is a practice that is used to achieve greater mastery of the mind activity, in such a way as to go to calm the mental chatter and it is brought to the relaxation. This brings benefits on the body which, at muscle level, relaxs and consequently as a wave goes to expand even on the emotional state bringing peace and prosperity and allows the mind to reach a level of awareness free from the psychic activity leading to new truths and visions of our life are clearer and less confused,  also allows stress releasing much faster. The Channeled Meditations ad personam  are meditations that go to work on a specific theme or dynamic.

  • GROUP RITUALS OF ENERGY ALIGNMENT: the ritual of energy alignment is a portal for access to your    inner reality made of thoughts, emotions, memories, talents, dreams, desires and needs. Cleans and heals parts of you that are wounded or blocked, opens the door to a manifestation of your innate talents, heals dynamics of conflict in relations, takes away from your energy field informations that are no longer useful to your wellness and to your evolution and replaces them with other more suitable to the free expression of your true self and Divine and help your emotional state to be more calm and balanced. The ritual opens the door to your soul that calls and can receive what is needed in that moment, so that you can enter in connection with your truth and your intimate essence up to heighten to a new level of awareness and personal power and learn how to create your life in a more harmonious, loving and lined with your wishes. The ritual leads to liberation and cleaning everything of your life that is not in line in that moment with your Supreme Good, as memories, traumas, karmic weights, negative and parasitic energies, emotional imbalances, conditioning informations concerning past lives and much more…It is a process in which you can experience that you are the creator and the healer of your existence. Both your physical and your energy bodies shall come forth renewed and the process will continue at the end of the ritual when you’ve returned home.

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