“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.”

Mark Twain

My history and what has brought me to the “spiritual awakening” and to the “knowledge” I have reached today it is a difficult route with many sufferings and trials to be overcome.

My suffering has been started practically at the age of 6 years, at the elementary schools, with a teacher who has been humiliating and offending me for 5 years. I do not want to say too much about this aspect of my life on which I am working even now that I am 34 years old, but this shows that what we live in childhood has a big influence and brings suffering when we grow up.

In reality you understand only with time that everything  that you have had in life up to today, of good and bad, served only to prepare you for the awakening.

Yet today I thank and bless also the situations of my life that mostly have made me suffer because they have made me what I am today.

I grew up in a wealthy family where gambling, alcohol, superstition and negativity of my father were to me the absolute normality.

My story starts right from the relationship with the gambling, with which I was practically born and grown.

In my childhood, when i was 6 years old, I well remember my happiness when my dad for Christmas gave me a plastic roulette complete with green cloth, fisches and instructions for play….. In short as sympathetically my friend told me once… “You’ve been raised with bread and roulette!” 

There was never any sentence more true in fact at Christmas in my house we used to play roulette rather than other classic italian games!

Of course, growing with bread and roulette, it didn’t take me a lot to follow my father’s own road; it seems to me yesterday on 27th April 2001 (the day I turned 18) that my father told me “get your jacket because today I take you to Venice” (Venice = Casino, obviously not Piazza San Marco). It was a day of glory, I won the beauty of 800,000 Lire, amount that I had never seen even in photos until that moment.

Understood my predisposition to the game and trying to give vent to my passion, once graduated in 2002 I decided to pass on the other side of the table and to attend the school of croupier that “by chance” is located precisely in my city!

Once I finished school I found a job in the casino of cruise ships, for a short period in a Swiss casino and meanwhile I also contributed with the school of croupier.

In the meantime I continued to attend Casinos, betting rooms and racecourses. Clearly, as every player do, I started to have a lot of debts with banks, financial and friends.

I entered a endless spiral and the feeling was that it does not i would never came out, always in search of that blessed winnings that I could pull out of trouble that unfortunately increased as well as the debts.

In the meantime I had changed jobs, but now the gambling had taken all of me, mind, body and soul. Gaming and gambling was my obsession.

One consequence of this was the loss of my job to which I paid very little attention and in addition arrived what many people call today “crisis”.

My father was hit by this crisis as well as me and from one day to another we found ourselves without job and money, with a loan to pay, debts and food to buy!!

Unfortunately the consequences of this were the distraint of the house and the beginning of a depressive crisis that has brought me to take psychoactive drugs.

It was then that, not seeing other possible solutions in my head and also pushed by the need to find the necessary money to continue to attend the casino, I began to attend bad companies because I had the illusion of earning a lot of money, easily, immediately and obviously dishonestly.

The result was the prison.

The place where I stayed several months.

I pratically lost everything.

Difficult to explain how I was feeling on an emotional level.

But my awakening began in prison. At that point I started to wonder where I did wrong and life incredibly began to give me answers very fast.

The universe pushed me “kicking me” toward spirituality through the book “The Secret”.

It was the first book that I read out of prison.

The end of the book says “all the situations that you have come up through til now, served to prepare yourself for this moment”.

I cried for almost an hour. It was as if my soul had perceived something.

From there, thirsty for knowledge, my research has led me to know great people, travel around the world, open 3 companies in 3 years, find my current companion a very special woman and do a search deep inside myself where I discovered parts of me that were there that were fighting to come out.

I discovered and I am discovering today my “mission of the soul” and why I decided to incarnated.

I discovered and understood the beauty of life.

If we understand and learn how to let ourselves be guided by life itself and we decide to entrust, abundance and love that we will get in return is without limits.

Abundance also in economic and material terms if this is what we want.

The purpose of my work and the project “New Shaman Healing” is precisely this: to help humanity to rediscover the beauty of life and to help people achieve their goals and dreams starting from the work on themselves that is the only way to live, achieve your dreams and evolve!

With love,


“It is the love that moves the sun and the other stars “

(Paradise XXXIII,145)


The treatments and coaching sessions are channeled and have as their target an emotional and unconscious reprogramming  on the themes and dynamics that until now prevented you from obtaining all the abundance and love that you deserve as birthright.

We are going to rediscover and strengthen your talents to help you get what you want in alignment with the purpose of your soul and for your highest good.


 Cleaning treatment, emotional and unconscious balance of your limiting beliefs on energy money.

The aim of this treatment is to reprogram and remove all the hooks, unconscious and limiting programs that up to now you didn’t let you live in prosperity and in abundance.


Through personalized channelled coaching sessions the coach can guide the coachee to strengthen their talents aligned with Highest Self and highest good.

The coaching aim to improve every area of your life: health, work, money and love.


By this treatment channeled and performed with the sound of the voice it is possible to bring emotional and physical balance in various parts of your bodies to obtain wellness where you have physical and emotional imbalances.

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