Spiritual healing is undoubtedly the oldest form of healing known to man.  The operator acts as a radio transmitter, which means that collects the universal energy and transmits it inside itself through the hands, the voice or musical instruments. This healing energy is described as an electromagnetic energy that is within and around us and that is channelled into the “channel” from what can be defined as the Divine Spirit, God or universal energy. The Energetic Healing acts involving the organism in its totality: physical, mind, emotional and spiritual sphere. The purpose of healing is to balance the energy centers (chakras, meridians, auric field etc.) so that the energy can flow through them by making them vibrate correctly, acts on the thoughts’ forms, karmic memories and opens the door to your soul that calls and can receive what is needed in that moment so that you can enter in connection with your truth and your intimate essence, to raise to a new level of awareness and personal power. It leads to liberation and cleaning of everything that is not in line in that moment of your life with your Supreme Good as energy memories, physical and cellular, traumas, karmic weights, negative and parasitic energies, emotional imbalances, conditioning informations and much more…It is a process in which you can experience the fact that you are the creator and healer of your existence.

It is good to keep in mind that what is defined as the spiritual healing is not in itself a cure. We also need to understand that for some people, illness or some deined negative experiences can be part of their dharma (i.e. the plan of life).

“Everything is energy and this is all that exists. Tuned to the frequency of the reality you want and you can not do less to obtain that reality. There is no other way. This is not a philosophy, this is Physic.”

Albert Einstein


Shamanism is the most ancient healing practice observed in the human race. It is based on the aware use of altered states of consciousness as the trance to enter in contact with the world of the spirit and the spirits to see and then reestablish the energy flows in imbalance. The shaman has the ability to connect to the frequencies of energy that are present in the morphogenetic field of the individual and the common field and see the imbalances in order to bring them to their natural state and allow so that the energy flows freely by plotting a state of balance in the flow of energy of the individual. The shaman fights interferences and negative influences struggling sometimes with hostile spirits and occupations of the soul. By connecting to this vital field, the truth about the existence will be revealed and everything is recognized as interconnected and alive beyond duality. The shaman is by his nature a profound communicator with the world of the spirit and of spirits, an explorer of the universe and especially a healer.  For a shaman to heal means to enter in the power, in the vital force and in the connection of everything in this and other dimensions that allows him to see what exists in the energy field and so with his strong intent moves and removes negative energies that lead malaise and imbalances. The shamanism helps us to rediscover the depth of ourselves, rediscovering the space of the divine and the sacred immortal within us. Energy is everything that supports man and the world around us and the shaman uses this same energy to heal the body, mind and spirit. The shaman is a bridge between heaven and earth through which the Great Spirit is expressed, he is a communicator with the invisible world, a mystic traveller, an holder of archaic wisdoms and a universal explorer.


During our spiritual path that is not only the shamanic one but also the world of the expansion of consciousness through a channeling path, we realized that the old shamanism, even if in connection with the world of the Spirit, is not in contact with the new informations that has being opened in recent decades. In recent times, thanks to the growth of channelers and informations given by former indigo children, we have received new informations that have accelerated the process of growth of awareness and that have opened, for example, to the world of family constellations, Biodanza, inner child, knowledge of karma and dharma, past, parallel and multidimensional lives regressions and healings, free will, angelic connections and Ascended Masters but especially what comes back is a form of reconnection and research to the unconditional love and love for ourselves which bring us back to the original message of Master Jesus. This is why more and more shamans are born and are being born in the New World (as Western world) to bring, i.e., the integration between what ancient shamanism teaches and what are the new knowledges.  So we decided to do in our work and so is the reason why of the project of the New Shaman Healing, that is the healing of new shamanism that integrates every ancient knowledge as the shamanic one with the egyptian one, the atlantean one, the angelic one etc. and the new awareness connected to inner child, knowledge on karma and dharma, past lives, free will and so on, to the union of everything inside of us to be able to apply in the matter so that it won’t be only a theory but a practice to actively enhance our life and live it really with love and as a game. The game of reincarnation, the game of emotions, the game of fears and shadows but especially the game to regain the love for ourselves because there is no other truth in the universe but Love that creates everything. Ultimately the new awareness has shown us that there is nothing to heal, the Spirit is already healed and is already evolved, we are only here to experience ourselves and rediscover the unconditional love within us.